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Good nutrition is a balancing act

Aim Higher


You are what you eat isn't just a saying. It's a fact. So what do you want to be?  To access the latest on metabolic nutritional balance and benefit from more energy and better health, read on. 


Dr Adam Cunliffe, one of the UK's leading nutritionists is now available for private consultation. With expertise in multiple aspects of clinical nutrition, Dr Cunliffe can help with a wide range of health and wellbeing challenges. From enhanced performance at work or in leisure pursuits to tackling chronic health conditions, cellular nutrition and metabolic balancing can help you.


Dr Cunliffe has worked alongside prominent clinicians in the fields of medicine and nutrition for over 25 years and is now sharing his knowledge on optimum nutrition with clients. As a leading authority on nutrition he has educated many UK university students to post graduate level in the field and has published key research findings in leading international scientific and clinical journals. 


Nutritional Science


Cellular Nutrition draws on knowledge from a wide range of disciplines including medical science, cell biology, physiology and immunology. With a strong emphasis on improving human wellbeing and vitality, cellular nutrition aims to optimize and balance metabolism.

The result is enhanced immune, muscle and

nervous system function.  Better

nutritional status builds resistance

to stress and improved recovery

from short and longer term illness.

The role of nutrition in anti-ageing is becoming increasingly clear and targeted strategies to delay senescence (cellular ageing) are now proving to be powerful tools to maintain strength and vitality into later life.

Anti-Ageing Now


Look and feel younger and more energetic. By applying cellular nutritional principles It is possible to slow or reverse many age related changes in the human body. The result is increased vitality and decreased risk of age related diseases. A decline into frailty is NOT an inevitable consequence of ageing. Cellular nutrition can help you achieve. .

  • Improved physical appearance

  • Better joint health & mobility

  • Improved memory and mental alertness

  • Better heart health

  • Improved strength and vitality

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