Fight Back Against Inflammation

What is inflammation?

Inflammation is the body's way of trying to resolve a problem. You can see it clearly as redness and swelling for example at the site of an insect bite. The problem with modern living is that low levels of systemic (whole body) inflammation, caused by eating a poor diet and/or being overweight can persist for years driving the cellular processes that promote cancer, diabetes and and heart disease.


The anti-inflammation diet

By making targeted dietary changes it is possible to fight inflammation in your body. In doing so you can reduce your risks of a range of serious diseases, feel better generally and help slow aspects of the ageing process. Get in touch to learn more about this vital aspect of living healthier, better, longer.



* For health care professionals.


Inflammation is the silent killer you may not know is associated with the development of,  


    >  Cancer

    >  Heart Disease

    >  High blood pressure

    >  Type 2 diabetes