Cancer is probably the most feared of all diseases. It is known that risk of some cancers is genetic and others are caused by pollutants or toxins from the environment while some cancers arise due to infections. All cancers however can be dangerous due to the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells, usually as tumours. Progress in treatments has been slow, but in some cases real breakthroughs in prevention or even cure have been achieved.


The mainstays of treatment are surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Research is ongoing into immuno-therapies and 'target' therapies at the cellular and molecular level. Sadly however the number of people being diagnosed continues to rise, so avoiding cancer is a priority. Cancer can take many years to develop, so eating an anti-cancer diet now can reduce your risks of developing cancer later, sometimes many years later. Also, if you are affected, optimising your overall health and maintaining strength through treatment is essential. 

Role of nutrition

Your oncologist (cancer specialist) will be able to help you with your diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. It is vital that any concerns you have over cancer are discussed with cancer specialists who are best able to advise and treat you. Having said that, there is much you can do in terms of looking after yourself, body, mind and spirit. Among these, nutrition can be a powerful way to take control of your overall health and working alongside modern medical approaches, maximise your chances of avoiding cancer or recovering from the disease and treatment process.  

Avoiding cancer -  It is estimated that at least a third of cancers are in some way related to diet. So eating to avoid cancer is a must. In general terms we can think of the influence of diet in the following way. 1) Dietary factors that increase risk of cancer. 2) Dietary factors that reduce risk of cancer. 

By minimizing risks and maximizing protection in the diet we can greatly reduce risk of this frightening illness. Get in touch to find out the latest on how the right diet can reduce your cancer risk. 

If you are diagnosed - It is vital that your strength, immune function and body mass are all protected during treatment and recovery. Nutrition can play a vital role in ensuring you are in the best possible state to fight the cancer and stand up to the rigours of treatment and to help prevent possible relapse.


Please feel free to call or email me for a confidential discussion about any aspect of cancer prevention, your diagnosis and treatment and how nutritional support may help.