Human reproductive ability depends on a range of factors including age, general health and well-being, hormone balance, psychological and emotional states and any underlying disease states. Hectic, stressful lifestyles and poor nutritional status can can be real obstacles on the path to parenthood and many couples are surprised to find how difficult it can be to conceive and this can cause considerable distress.


Fortunately there a number of positive approaches that can help to increase the chances of pregnancy. Regular exercise, reducing stress, avoiding smoking and alcohol all help, but for some couples a little extra help is still required. Always consult your doctor to rule out any fertility problems that need medical treatment, and if none are found, it is worth looking at nutritional strategies to boost your chances of successful conception. 

Together with Bud Nutrition, I have formulated Bud Fertility Supplements for Him and Her. These uniquely designed nutritional aids contain a blend of ingredients to support key physical processes involved in male and female fertility. In addition, a traditional herbal fertility enhancer, Maca, is included which is believed by many to benefit both men and women who are trying to conceive.

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