Frequently Asked Questions


Qu.    What is Cellular Nutrition?

AnsThe human body is composed of billions of cells. Cellular Nutrition (sometimes called cellular medicine) aims to optimize the function of the body from the level of the cell by providing the correct flow and balance of nutrients from the diet.


Qu.    I am receiving treatment for a health condition. Can Cellular Nutrition help me?

Ans.  Yes. Good nutritional status and correct nutrient balance in the body is essential to the healing and repair processes in the body. Diet and nutrient based approaches work alongside conventional medical treatments and greatly improve outcomes.


Qu.   Can ageing really be slowed down?

AnsYes. Developments in cell biology and nutritional medicine have thrown light on how cells age and how to slow this process. While it has been known for some time that simply eating less can prolong life, recent research is revealing how nutritional intervention can achieve the same benefits without extreme calorie restriction.


Qu.   Diets don't work for me, I always put the weight back on. Can you help?

AnsYes. It is true that diets don't work long term. Cellular nutrition can help in several ways. Firstly by reducing appetite and then importantly, by transforming individual understanding of and relationship with food. We offer an extremely simple plan that will ensure permanent weight control and happy healthy eating.


Qu.    Advice on what is 'healthy' food seems to change all the time. Who should I listen to?

Ans Nutrition is a rapidly evolving science. Before taking any advice from a 'practitioner', make sure they are properly qualified in the field  of  human nutrition and registered with an appropriate professional body or medically qualified. Do ask any pracitioner for evidence of their qualifications. Remember, while good nutrition advice can make a huge positive difference to your health and wellbeing, the wrong advice can be dangerous.

Qu.    What does a consultation involve?

Ans This will depend on your goals and the nature of any underlying issues. Typically a first consultation will involve your relevant history and details being taken to ensure the suitability and individual tailoring of any advice offered.


A range of  Nutritional Status assessments are available which may also be appropriate. Then, depending on the desired outcomes (weight loss, help with disease states, improved physical and mental performance, anti-ageing advice etc), we will work together on a personalized nutritional plan. This may include dietary modification in a variety of forms which will be fully explained to you.


Following the consultation you will be sent a report of the consultation with details of all measures discussed. Follow up consulations may be scheduled according to individual progress and requirements.